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Fox Infosoft technical skills

We have in-house expertise in all aspects of mobile application and software development. Our web application development team is focused on designing and developing, powerful, innovative web applications with the look, feel and capabilities as native applications in Android or in iOS.

With several years of experience in web application development, our team are experts in Asp, ASP.NET, JQuery and JQ, CSS3, which is useful in designing menu elements and other subtle features that give your web app a polished look and feel, HTML5 and HTML5 video player for offline usage and video support, JavaScript and several server side languages such as PHP and Ruby on Rails, as well as efficient database management with SQL Server, Access and MySQL. Depending on the functionality of your web application, we are able to include images, video and audio with OpenGL, ensuring that your final web app is attractive and easy to use.

Web applications give you complete freedom: because unlike native applications that have to meet certain standards, web applications have no restrictions, leaving you fully in charge of how you will market and distribute your web application. Web application development also makes a great addition to any mobile application development strategy, because they can run on any mobile platform with an internet connection, and can also be used from a desktop, allowing you to reach out to a much wider audience with your services.

Fox Infosoft web application development categories

Web applications are affordable and easy to develop and therefore can easily be used to fulfil a huge variety of business functions. Our web application development team has handled a diverse range of web application development projects, and whether you want a web application that works similar to your existing native applications, or are looking for a web application developed from scratch, we offer our expertise in the following categories:

  • Web application development for business to business processes
  • Web application development for sales and marketing
  • Web application development for e-commerce
  • Web application development for education
  • Web application development for life style and travel applications
  • Web application development for games and social networking
  • Web application development for search tools
  • Web application development for data analysis and assessment

The web application development with Fox Infosoft

Web applications may be less taxing than native applications, but our web application development team holds itself to the highest standards, designing and developing only the best quality, user-friendly and beautiful web applications that are carefully designed to meet your specific needs and wants.

We are at ease with working with international clients, and once we being your web application development project, you will have full access to our team whenever you need them. At the beginning of the project, we ensure that we have taken down all the important project milestones, dates and deadlines, enabling us to work with you efficiently and to complete the web application development project on schedule.

Our web application development team starts by carefully listening to your web application idea, giving our professional input from a technical perspective. Once we have fully understood your web application's concept, core functionality and audience, we begin to design and develop your web application, using, if necessary, mobile platforms such as PhoneGap and Accelerator. We write your web application in HTML and CSS3, integrating beautiful images, audio and video from OpenGL, ensuring that your Android web application is fun and engaging to use.

During the testing phase, we are careful to iron out any errors we may have made in the coding, and double check that your web application has been designed according to your specifications. Is the font size correct? Does the colour match your brand logo? Until everything is perfect, we our web application development team will work to ensure that it is technically perfect and ready for a successful launch.

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Are you looking for an affordable business solution for your company's needs? Do you want to reach out to a wider audience? Or are you thinking about expanding your mobile marketing strategy? Get in touch with us for fast, affordable and high quality web application development services today.

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    Oliver, London
  • Wonderful team to work with. Very honest and reliable. I would rehire if a new project comes up. It was great working with them.
    Rasmus, UK
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