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Terms and Conditions

By signing a legally binding contract with Fox Infosoft, both parties commit to terms and conditions stipulated with regards to the product development. A legally binding contract between Fox Infosoft and the client stipulates the duration that Fox Infosoft will be contracted to develop specified products and services for the client. Fox Infosoft will not be engaged to make any representations, contracts or commitment on behalf of the client without prior permission from the client. Payment of initial fees is acceptance of Fox Infosoft terms and conditions.


Fox Infosoft is a registered mobile and software application development company, and is legally bound to fulfil software and/or mobile application development services as stipulated in contract with client.

Fox Infosoft is the primary contractor for software and mobile development with the client. Fox Infosoft may sub-contract parts of development to third parties and will be fully responsible for quality and standards of sub-contractors.


Specific terms of engagement shall be elaborated in the contract between client and Fox Infosoft, and shall specify all conditions regarding software developed for the client as well as specific conditions for handling queries and modifications required during the project.

Modifications to software and products requested by client must be approved within ten working days. Non-communication with regards to project progress lasting longer than ten working days will result in Fox Infosoft placing the project on hold until communication with the client is re-established. If deemed necessary, Fox Infosoft may submit a new quote to recommence the project.

Client Obligations

Fox Infosoft will begin project development as stipulated in the contract upon receiving the first payment from the client. In order to develop products contracted, Fox Infosoft will require information and data from the client.

Clients are responsible for obtaining copyright permission for all materials provided for software and application development and will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement with regards to materials provided by client for use in project development. Proof of copyright permission may be requested by Fox Infosoft.

The client is responsible for external payment and registration fees associated with mobile application development, web development, database management and other services stipulated in the contract.

Data collection and privacy

By signing a legally binding document such as our Non-Disclosure Agreement, Fox Infosoft guarantees that all sensitive information shared between the company and client shall not be used for any other purposes other than to develop products required. No information will be moved from the company premises, shared, published, printed, copied or distributed in any other form except for project development purposes.

Fox Infosoft employees sign an Intellectual Property, Confidentiality and non-Competitiveness agreement and thus are prohibited from copying, sharing or using company information for purposes other than project development, and cannot work for competing firms for a stipulated period of time after contract termination.


Fox Infosoft respects and protects sensitive and private information that we require from our clients in order to develop mobile applications and software as stipulated by national and international laws.

Fox Infosoft does not hold any copyright claims over data, graphics, animations and files provided by the client for development services. Fox Infosoft does not hold any intellectual property rights from mobile applications and software developed for our clients.

Clients are fully responsible for any data collection and usage, personal user information and privacy protection policies for mobile applications and software developed by Fox Infosoft.

Terms of payment

Payment for services rendered and material developed shall be stated in the quote sent to client before commencement of project. The client shall pay Fox Infosoft the full service fees based on payment schedule agreed upon between Fox Infosoft and the client.

Changes made to the project schedule, scope and specifications shall be reflected in a recalculation of total fees due to Fox Infosoft. Any amounts overdue to Fox Infosoft shall accrue an interest of 12% per annum, calculated from the date that such an amount was due.

Contract termination

Fox Infosoft and the client have the right to terminate the contract agreed upon at any time during the project development, if there is a breach in contractual obligation of the inability to finance project further. Parties will be notified in writing and will return or destroy all confidential information shared within 10 working days. The client shall reimburse Fox Infosoft for any payments made to third parties on the client's behalf.

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