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We offers custom built, technically perfect and affordable wide range of solutions for various technologies and client's application.

iOS Application Development

Our experienced team of iPhone and iPad application developers have mastered the iOS app development environment. Our iPhone and iPad application development teams are experts at writing clean code using Objective C, Apple's native programming language. With knowledge of Transport Layer Security (TLS), we are careful to ensure that your iPhone or iPad application stays on your users' minds, using APNs to integrate push notifications for messages, events, or other important data, prompting them to launch your application and see the details. Additionally, we have strong knowledge of Cocoa Touch and Xcode, Apple's suite of software development tools that we are masters at using to develop bug free applications with stunning user interface design, as well as take advantage of Apple's powerful software development kit.

Android Application Development

Our dynamic Android development team has been working on Android applications since the launch of Google's powerful, open-source Android Software development kit. With solid experience in Java, Android's native programming language, we develop feature rich, powerful mobile applications, using the OpenGL to support high performance 2D and 3D graphics. To make your application more useful and efficient, we code your Android application to include push notifications from Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) enabling seamless communication between your Android application and your servers. Our Android developers are careful to adjust your Android mobile application to run on different versions of the Android SDK and smart phone or tablet versions, depending on how fragmented your user base is.

Cross Platform Development

Our mobile developers are well versed in JavaScript, CSS3, jQuery and HTML5. We use these programming languages to design and develop mobile web applications with built in access to native APIs, meaning that they can run on several different platforms. Our teams use the PhoneGap mobile development framework, to develop mobile applications that are compatible with the Android OS, the iOS as well as Windows Phone and Blackberry. Our mobile application development teams use jQuery UI, Kendo UI, Sencha, Twitter Bootstrap, Skeleton and several other HTML, CSS and JS user interface frameworks to design mobile applications that look and work exactly like native Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows applications- giving you a complete suite of mobile application development solutions for your users' needs.

Game Development

With the rising popularity of mobile games today, Fox Infosoft has dedicated teams that work exclusively on iPhone, iPad, Android and tablet game development. Depending on the type of game you require, we use the industry's best game engines such as Corona, Game Salad, Cocos2D, Cocos3D, iTorque 2D, Sparrow Framework and Unity 3D to rapidly develop engaging mobile games with high quality graphics, animations, sound and functionality for Android and iOS, saving you time as well as money. Our game development teams are our best developers, with formidable skills in C, C++, Objective C, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, LUA SCRIPT as well as experience in using OPEN GL and OPEN GL ES. We develop mobile games for education, children, sports, trivia as well as arcade and casino style games.

Web Development with LAMP

Fox Infosoft offers end to end content system management (CMS) development and maintenance services, starting with full server side services using LAMP; the world's most comprehensive open source development system for easy, effective and affordable database management. Our team is has a thorough understanding of the Linux operating system, Apache Web server, MySQL as well as object oriented scripting languages, with particular expertise in PHP, Perl and Python to add dynamic elements to our clients' websites and applications. With our considerable experience in LAMP, we rapidly create secure, powerful, database-driven and dynamic websites that provide the rich functionality that you need to support users and keep updated.

Open Source Development

Fox Infosoft specializes in web development and content management, using platforms such as Joomla, for comprehensive content management system development, and Wordpress, for clean, powerful and dynamic website development. For ecommerce websites, our development team has a firm knowledge of the Zend framework, and uses Magento to develop versatile, secure and robust ecommerce systems for online retailers. Whether you are looking for a complex, multi-user content management system in Joomla, or a customised Wordpress site for your business, our teams will use their extensive knowledge of CSS3, HTML, XML (together with SOAP) Javascript, PHP and JSON and we use this expertise to customise your project to suit your user needs.
Fox Infosoft is serving clients in more than 20 countries : United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Kuwait, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, South Africa, Spain, India.