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Fox Infosoft: Mobile application development categories

Fox Infosoft has a full team of Android and Apple mobile application developers, perfectly suited to help you develop and execute your mobile application development strategy. Mobile applications make good business sense: a quality mobile application customised to meet your market's needs gives your customers a personalized and comprehensive user experience greatly increases the presence and visibility of your brand and encourages repeat visits and loyalty.

Today, mobile application development, whether in Android, iOS or in HTML5, can play a key role in your mobile advertising and marketing, client relations and aftercare services, as well as internal functions, such as mobile applications that assist your sales force with presentations, data entry and tracking.

At Fox Infososft, our mobile application development team is ready to put their strong technical skills in mobile application development to bring your mobile app idea to life. We have been in the mobile application development market right from the start, working on mobile applications for lifestyle apps, 3D and 2D games, entertainment and news mobile applications, business-to-business mobile apps, utility mobile applications. We offer the following broad categories of mobile application development:

  • iPhone application development
  • iPad application development
  • Android application development
  • Android game application development
  • iPhone game application development
  • iPad game application development
  • Tablet application development
  • Tablet game application development
  • Hybrid mobile application development in HTML5
  • Hybrid game application development in HTML5

Technical Expertise

Fox Infosoft has a fully-fledged mobile application team, with in-house expertise in:

Mobile application development for iPhone

Our iPhone application development team develops high quality, innovative iPhone games and applications with intuitive features, strong database and a gorgeous user interface with carefully selected graphics and animations. With hundreds of mobile apps developed for iPhone, our team stays up to date with new iOS developments, features and technology, developing iPhone applications that are designed with your user in mind.

Experts in Objective C, Cocoa Development, XCode and CocoaTouch Framework, we develop iPhone applications that meet the Apple App store's rigorous User Interface Guidelines, guaranteeing that your users will find and download your iPhone application.

Learn more about our iPhone application development and iPhone game application development services.

Mobile application development for iPad

The release of the iPad opened up a new world for mobile applications. With a powerful processor, a large, crystal clear display and long lasting battery life, the iPad connects people with information in a way that no one could ever have imagined.

Our iPad mobile application development team designs and develops iPad applications and games from scratch, carefully integrating features that maximize on the iPad's multi-touch screen, tilt function and superior ability to handle graphic intense features. Using our knowledge of Objective C, Cocoa Touch, XCode and the Open Graphics Library, we develop fast, powerful and visually stunning games and applications that run flawlessly on the iPad, delivering an exciting, addictive user-experience for your iPad app users.

Learn more about our iPad application development and iPad game application development services.

Mobile application development for Android

The Android iOS is today's fastest growing development space: open source and with few restrictions on customization, many of today's most popular smartphones and tablets run on Android.

Android's open source nature fosters creativity and innovation, allowing us to work together to design and develop unique, powerful Android applications that can be infinitely customised to suit your needs perfectly.

Our Android mobile application development team are experts at developing and customising mobile applications and games for Android, taking into consideration different screen sizes, screen resolutions and processor capabilities that make up the diverse Android development market. We have strong technical expertise in Java development, the Android OS native language, as well Jackson Java JSON-Processor, to catch the hidden bugs that often plague Android applications.

Learn more about our Android application development, Android game development and Android tablet development services.

Cross-platform mobile application development

Cross-platform mobile applications let you give your services to all types of smartphone users, because they are developed in HTML5, and can therefore run on all mobile platforms: Android, Apple, Blackberry and Windows.

Fox Infosoft provides fast, affordable and efficient cross-platform mobile web application development services, letting you easily gain access to a huge database of smartphone users around the world.

Our team are experts in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby, and we use the best web application development platforms such as Appcelerator to design and develop fully functional, cross-platform mobile applications that are customised to take advantage of each native platform's key strengths.

Learn more about how Fox Infosoft can help you develop custom built, affordable and user friendly cross-platform mobile applications.

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  • The Fox Infosoft team gave me valuable feedback on how to design and develop an web application that is indispensable to my marketing team.
    Oliver, London
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    Alan, Sydney
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    Anke, California
Fox Infosoft is serving clients in more than 20 countries : United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Kuwait, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, New Zealand, Sweden, Italy, South Africa, Spain, India.