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Why should you work with Fox Infosoft for Android tablet development?

Great developers understand Android's diverse tablet development space. Depending on the manufacturer, Android tablets come with different screen sizes, resolutions, operating systems and processing power. At Fox Infosoft, our Android tablet development team is at ease navigating the challenges that come with designing Android applications that run flawlessly on the devices that you wish to target.

We develop powerful, innovative and technically perfect Android applications to run on tablets. Taking advantage of Android's powerful software and open source ecosystem to develop innovative, robust Android applications, our Android tablet development team will design a bug free, scalable and beautiful Android application to run on Android powered tablets.

We have experience in the following categories:

  • Android tablet development for games
  • Android tablet development for social sharing
  • Android tablet development for business and productivity
  • Android tablet development for news and entertainment
  • Android tablet development for education
  • Android tablet development for travel
  • Android tablet development for lifestyle and sports
  • Android tablet development for games

Technical competence in Android tablet development

Our Android tablet development team has taken the time to fully understand the Android application development space: conversant with Java and C++, Android's native programming language, we have practical knowledge of what works for Android and what doesn't. Over the years, we have developed expertise with Java Native Interface, Android Activity and the Android Software development kit: essential for quality Android tablet development.

When it comes to Android tablet development, we can lend you our expertise on how to maximize the Android platform's strengths when developing your application. Depending on the type of application, your target audience and your requirements, we will help you answer important questions that will determine the level of success of your application, such as: what version of the Android SDK is best suited for your application? Should you target a specific brand of tablet or have a universal application developed? How do you want to market your app in the Google Play Store?

Working with Fox Infosoft

Our passionate, dedicated Android tablet development team will work with you round the clock to complete your project on schedule and on budget. Using our own project management software, we will work with you to establish a clear project plan with solid milestones to guide the project.

We believe in close collaboration and full disclosure with our clients, and we will keep you fully informed on the progress of your Android tablet development project. Furthermore, we will work on your schedule, regardless of your location in the world.

At the beginning of the project, we will work with you to fully develop your idea into a feasible, useful application, carefully tailored to meet the demands of your target audience. During the design and development phase, we take care to ensure that your application can run smoothly on a wide range of tablet devices. We take extra care during the testing phase to iron out any blips in the user interface, as well as correct any bugs in the software, ensuring that your app works smoothly.

Get Android tablet development services today

Are you thinking about developing an app for Android tablets that would fit into a niche market? Do you want to make your employees' lives easier by developing a high quality business application?

Are you looking for Android tablet development services that will guarantee an application with a great user interface design, robust coding and is fully scalable?

Fox Infosoft offers custom Android tablet development at an affordable price. Get in touch with one of our consultants to learn how we can begin your Android tablet development project today.

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Client Says

  • Raj and his team did a really good job on the project. They provided excellent input and development framework to successfully complete the project in budget.
    Nir, UK
  • My app is perfect, thanks to these guys. I hope to use them again in the near future.
    Christina, Canada
  • I am totally satisfied with the level of service of this contractor. I will obviously recommend them for any work on ANDROID development
    Eduardo, Chile
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